We are a UK-based community interest company (CIC) set up to carry on the work we started in Calais, supporting women and children refugees and asylum seekers.

Many of the most vulnerable people who lived in the Calais refugee camp, mainly women and children (as well as single male carers) have ‘made it’ to the UK. Meena wants to ensure that these individuals, many of whom we consider friends, get the support they need throughout the asylum claim & resettlement process.



The aim of Meena is to identify any issues, offer support and find solutions so that our friends reach the best possible outcomes in their new lives in the UK.

We do this by responding to practical needs, connecting asylum seekers/refugees to the local support networks including advocacy and professional legal advice, and by providing much-needed emotional and psychological support.

We aim to work in partnership with all organisations that offer support to asylum seekers and refugees as we believe that it is through collaboration that we can achieve the best possible outcomes for everyone.



MEENA is based in the west midlands where we have secured funding to set up a centre to continue our work with Women and Children asylum seekers and refugees.

The centre will offer a safe space and enable Women and Children to access support and information.

We also do outreach in order to support young people and connect them with the services that are available to them.

We will run workshops to support integration, independent living skills, understanding ‘rights’,  and do activities that enhance quality of life.

MEENA also works directly with many expert organisations. For example, we are working in partnership with Birmingham University to provide frontline Social and Support workers a ‘master class’ on supporting the Women and Children they work with.

In London we are involved in ‘The Welcome Cinema’ a monthly event inviting refugees, asylum seekers and UK citizens to come together over a shared passion for food and film -> www.welcomecinema.org

In Cardiff we run a Welcome Cinema Kids every week for refugee families and the local community. We hope to bring this to Birmingham soon.

We continue to work with both Help Refugees and Safe Passage.

We are also monitoring the situation for Women and Children refugees in France where we work to identify and respond to issues when possible.

Throughout our work we are documenting the experiences of Women and Children and providing data to research organizations like the Refugee Rights Data Project with the hope of addressing some of the long-term issues.